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Our goal is to create a clean and uncluttered business directory for business owners, webmasters, and visitors looking for products, services and information relating to Business, Shopping, Finance and the Internet.

To list your site there are more listing details here.

Basically there are four options to be listed on the Biz United Business Directory;

1) Pay a once off $20 USD fee for a regular listing, that will be listed below all premium directory listings.

2) Pay a once off fee of $40 USD for a premium listing, which will be above all regular directory listings and will be highlighted in bold.

3) We search the web for the best sites in each category. If your site is one of the top few leading sites in your industry we will probably eventually list it. But we do not accept free submissions.

4) If your site is related to the environment we would be happy to list for free. See the Free Environmental Submission page for more details.

Contacting Us: If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us here.

We also have a directory submission guide that will help you with writing directory descriptions and titles.
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