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Five Steps for Successful Internet Marketing
In order to have a successful online business you need an effective program of Internet marketing. The essence of Internet marketing is to make your website highly visible and to build a reputation of trust. Building the credibility of the website and the company is "branding." When people see your site, your logo or hear about you, they should think:
"These guys know what they are talking about. They are a leader in this field." If you are just starting out with an online business, here are five steps you can take to kick-start your Internet marketing campaign:

1. Optimize your website for good performance in the Search engines
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of building websites that are both user friendly and search engine friendly. When people make a search for the keywords that best describe your activity, your firm's site should appear in the first few pages of results. Web pages which are composed of 100% graphics will perform poorly when pitted against websites which emphasize keyword-rich text. Look online for tutorial articles in search engine optimization to grasp the basics of what you have to do in order to make your website become competitive in your field. If you don't have time to do it yourself, consult with a professional search engine optimization expert or a web designer who knows how to build search engine friendly websites.

2. Write informative articles about your field of interest and publish them on other websites
Writing and publishing articles is known as "article marketing" and it can help you in several ways. When a well-written article is published with your byline and a link back to your website, it convinces the reader that you are an authority and that you probably have a lot to offer. Article marketing is thus an important element in branding. Publishing articles also builds visibility. Each time your article is published on a popular website or included in an ezine with a huge subscriber base, you can expect a flood of traffic to your site.

3. Participate in online forums or in email discussion lists
Join a few lists or visit regularly internet forums that are related to your business. Suppose you are selling pet products online. It would be useful for you visit forums where people discuss about their pets and ask questions about animal care, training and other issues. Whenever you have something to add to the topic you should make an informative post, without trying to "push" your product. Keep on doing this and people will begin to respect you as an expert, and they will visit your website with anticipation of finding solutions to their problems.

4. Distribute Online Press Releases
In the bricks and mortar world of pre-Internet business one of the most effective means of publicity was to write press releases and distribute them to newspapers and radio stations. It is now possible to do something similar online. Write a press release, in a journalistic style, highlighting newsworthy developments in your business. "Newsworthy" is the key word here. Journalists, news organizations and the public, don't really care that Mr. Smith was promoted to become a vice president in your organization, but they will be interested to know about your new product or service that can make a big difference in their life. Think about your activity from this perspective and write news releases whenever possible. Use an online distribution service such as and if your news release is well written it will be published in online news sites, blogs and other websites related to your industry.

5. Build an e-mail list and feed it with a regular newsletter
People may need to see your message many times before they are going to get out their credit cards and buy something from you. Write a regular newsletter (ezine) with information related to your business and with news about your products or services. Advertise the newsletter on your website, in your press releases and in your article marketing. As your list grows, you will see that the newsletter is one of the pillars of your online sales and marketing campaigns. In addition to helping direct sales, a well-written ezine, which may be passed on from reader to reader, is one more step in building the reputation of your company.

Incorporate these five steps into your Internet marketing, and you be well on your way to establishing a profitable online business.

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