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Biz United - Submitting to Directories Guide

Tips for Submitting your Website to Web Directories
If you have ever submitted your site to more than a few web directories online, you have probably had your description and/or title changed more than once. Writing a description for a directory submission can vary in difficulty, depending on the guidelines that each directory has set.

Some directory owners (usually free directories) just accept any kind of description or title, so it doesn't really matter how hyped or grammatically incorrect your submission is. But other directories that are more regulated have much stricter directory guidelines that must be followed to be listed.

Biz United Directory
For example, here at Biz United we have set some basic guidelines that have to be followed, otherwise we change the description/title or reject the submission (for sites that are illegal or incomplete). We mostly just change descriptions that are too promotional or have every word capitalized and titles that are too long. Our hope is that descriptions are informative, subjective, and well written.

Open Directory Project
Another web directory that is even more particular when it comes to getting listed is the Open Directory Project ( For those that haven't heard of ODP or Dmoz, it is a volunteer edited directory that is supported by AOL. It is one of the largest and most comprehensive, human edited directories online.

Firstly they are very strict with what websites are listed, but they also have a long list of what they accept in the title and description of each listing. Their guidelines are to help visitors of the directory to find exactly what they are looking for, rather than just to aggravate webmasters that get their websites rejected or changed.

Writing a Good Description
Even though most directories have slightly different guidelines, having an objective, well written description will be accepted by most directory editors. Try and describe what your website is about and what products or services your site offers.

The description should be informative and concise, describing what the person will find on your site. Write it in plain English with proper grammar and punctuation.

What Not to Do
Mentioning things like numbers, prices, or special offers is usually going to be rejected. Directory editors don't want to change your description every time you change your prices, so keep things general.

Capitalizing Every Word In Your Description Is Lowering The Quality Of The Directory, So Expect It To Be Changed By Most Directory Editors. Capitalizing whole WORDS is even WORSE than just the first letter of each word.

If your description reads like an advertisement with words like "greatest", "cheapest", or "biggest", it will be changed or rejected. Try and be humble and very objective when writing your description.

Good Example of a Description
An objective description of the Biz United web directory could be..
"Human edited business and Internet directory offering free and paid submissions."

Bad Example of a Description
A hyped description of the Biz United web directory could be..
"Biggest directory on the web with the MOST traffic and the Greatest Websites online. Submit your site NOW for just $20!!!."

Directory Submission Titles
The guidelines for titles will vary greatly from directory to directory. Some will allow your official title only (Biz United), some will allow a combination of the official title and a keyword or two (Biz United Business Directory), while others will allow you to use almost anything in your title (Business Directory Submit Website Now).

If you plan to be submitting your site to web directories it is worth spending the time to write a proper description or two. Once you have a good objective description written for your website, it can be used for future directory submissions.

It will increase your chances of having your site listed in free web directories and paid web directory editors won't have to change your description to something you may not be completely happy with.

Web directories that allow any kind of description and title usually have a very short life span. So don't be too upset when a directory changes or rejects your keyword filled and hyped directory submission. If the editor cares enough about their directory, they will have guidelines and they will use them!

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