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Blogs, Weblogs, and Online Journals

A weblog, which is more commonly referred to as a blog, is a website that is used in a similar manner to a journal. Blogs usually use blog software that can be free or paid for, and can be hosted by the software company (like Blogger) or self hosted.

A person that owns or updates a blog is referred to as a blogger, which also happens to be the name of one of the more popular blogging software companies online.

Blogs can be used as a personal platform to air your personal opinions or journal entries online. They can also be used to promote your political views (political blogs) or to inform and promote your business (corporate blogs).

Weblogs can be easy and cheap to set up, even for the most technically challenged amongst us. There are millions of weblogs online with thousand being created everyday. They range in popularity from blogs that are updated for just a few family member, through to popular blogs with millions of regular readers.

Blog Categories at Biz United
Below is a listing of important categories on the Biz United business directory, relating to blogs and blogging online.

Popular Blogs - Famous Weblogs
View some popular blogs from a variety of genres online.

  • Art News Blog - Art news and exhibition reviews from around the world. (art blogs)
  • BoingBoing - Very popular entertainment blog that is updated regularly with links to all kinds of interesting news from around the world.
  • Daily Kos - Wildly popular political blog covering American politics.
  • Gizmodo - Computer gadgest and technology news and reviews blog.
  • Google Blog - Official website of the Google company, also owners of (google blogs)
  • PostSecret - Entertainment blog that posts the secrets of people and went on to publish several books.

Many of the websites listed on the Biz United directory have been listed because they are the leaders in their industry. We also accept website submissions for a fee (sites cannot be submitted to this page as it is for informational purposes only). See more detail about submitting your Website.


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