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Australian Stock Exchange Information
The Australian Stock Exchange or ASX in Australia is the main share trading exchange in the country, formed in 1987. The Australian Stock Exchange is a publicly listed company trading under the ASX ticker, and listed on the ASX. The exchange is all electronically operated.

The Australian Stock Exchange originally started in 1871 and was operating from 6 different locations throughout the country. It was in 1987 that all the exchanges merged to form the ASX. At the same time they began using an all electronic trading system, eliminating the need for the old trading floors by 1990.

The ASX began as a mutual organization of stockbrokers until 1996 when they demutualized to become a listed company itself. This change was enacted on the 13th of October 1998, when the share began trading on its own market.

The ASX is the major Australian share market and trades in equities, derivatives and fixed interest securities.

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